Visiting Victoria Falls

Visiting Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is the name of the town at… Victoria Falls! The Falls is one of the three largest waterfalls in the world and we spent four nights in the area doing different adventure activities and checking out the national park.

Victoria Falls is known for being home to a host of adrenaline activities. On our first day, we took a long walk around the area and went to watch several of our friends from the group go bungee jumping and do various jumps over a nearby gorge. We decided not to do these ones ourselves but got a kick out of watching the others. We also had an amazing and really scenic lunch overlooking the gorge.

Hanging with friends at an amazing restaurant right at the edge of the gorge.

The next day, we went zip lining in the gorge adjacent to the waterfall. We zipped back and forth across the river over a series of 9 lines. John had done this before in Costa Rica but this was my first zip lining experience and I loved it! The views were incredible and it was fun to glide through the trees and over the river.

Zip lining over the gorge!

On our third and final full day, we went white water rafting on the Zambezi River! Again, John tried it in Costa Rica but this was my first experience. I was nervous! I imagined we’d be going over huge rapids and became even more scared when the guide told us the river was home to crocodiles (but assured us they stayed out of the rapids). We drove about an hour to the launch spot and then hiked about 30 minutes down a steep incline to the river. We did a safety briefing with our guide and spent some time practicing paddling, turning, and ducking down into the boat with the other 7 people in our group. Finally, we were off. We hit the hardest two rapids first and while I got a face full of water and thought for sure we were going to flip, we emerged on the other side of the rapid in the boat and with huge smiles. The next hour rafting was a ton of fun – I could have even done with some more serious rapids! The day ended with a tough, steep hike out of the gorge and then delicious lunch before driving back into town. I really liked the rafting and look forward to trying it again! Sadly, we don’t have any pictures of this – we didn’t want to risk bringing our camera and opted not to pay the $60 for the group photos. Dang!

That afternoon we finally hit up the national park to check out the Falls themselves. We are visiting in “high season” when the river rises and the falls are especially powerful. They spray a really intense mist into the air that looks like a dark cloud. When walking along the edge and looking at the falls, it feels like being in a crazy rainstorm. We unexpectedly got soaking wet! The falls are beautiful and really massive. Our view was partially obscured in parts by the mist, but we were able to get a view from some of the lookout spots and we really loved seeing all the rainbows at the falls. It was beautiful!

Vic falls selfie.
Beautiful rainbow over the falls!

In addition to all of the adventure activities, a thing we loved about Victoria Falls was getting to experience local food and culture. When we’re on the truck we rarely get to try local foods as we make our own meals every day. One night in Victoria Falls we went to a great restaurant called “In-Da-Belly” where we got to watch some locals performing traditional singing and dancing and we tried some interesting foods like crocodile, impala, and warthog. We were also pleasantly surprised that Victoria Falls had an amazing pizza place that we went to with the group on our last night. Who knew the best pizza of our trip would be in Zimbabwe?!

The hostel we camped at was particularly lively and seems to be a spot for locals to hang out so we enjoyed some late nights chatting with fellow travelers and locals alike. It had a really cool vibe and we had such a great time here!

Next up: crossing into Botswana! 

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